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Need last-minute help?


Marcella can help

Marcella graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Stanford University with a Masters of Arts in Communication.

Marcella was an Admissions Reader for the University of Chicago, where she used the university's secret alphanumeric ranking system to help accept 8% of applicants.

Marcella was an Admissions Reader for UC Berkeley's Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program—a business + engineering program with a 2% acceptance rate.


Alex can help

Alex graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems, an interdisciplinary major spanning computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, and more.

Alex was an Admissions Reader for Stanford University, where he evaluated hundreds of applications from the competitive Bay Area.

With a background as a software engineering manager, Alex is especially adept at identifying ways in which computer science and other STEM applicants can differentiate themselves in the admissions process.

comprehensive application review

Either Alex or Marcella—your choice—will utilize their experiences as former Admissions Readers to Stanford, UChicago and Berkeley, to evaluate every inch of your application. Using these highly selective universities' standards of admission, your application will be read and reviewed, identifying areas of improvement. 


Included in this Comprehensive Application Review will be an immense amount of feedback on your personal statement, supplemental essays, list of extracurricular activities and awards, and choice of major. You will receive detailed, professional, constructive advice that you can immediately implement to maximize your chances of admission.

If purchasing this Comprehensive Application Review, you:

  • Can send two complete applications in PDF form, downloaded directly from the Common App, Coalition App, or University of California Application (please send 7+ days before the deadline)

  • Must have every detail of the application filled out to the best of your ability, with no blank sections or "filler text" (i.e., "what should I write here?") 

  • Can send applications asynchronously (i.e., one in advance of a November 1 deadline, and another in advance of a January 1 deadline)

  • Can enumerate up to five questions or concerns that you have regarding your applications 

  • Will receive comprehensive feedback within 96 hours of submitting your application(s) and materials

  • Can schedule a 30-minute strategy call to discuss how to implement this feedback and maximize your chances of admission

NOTE: does not guarantee admission to any university

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