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Proven Expertise

marcella de laurentiis

Marcella graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Stanford University with a Masters of Arts in Communications.

Marcella was an Admissions Reader for the University of Chicago, where she used the university's secret alphanumeric rating system to help accept 8% of applicants.

Marcella was an Admissions Reader for UC Berkeley's Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program—a business + engineering program with a 2% acceptance rate. 

Marcella was an Admissions Reader for LaunchX, a prestigious entrepreneurship program.


alexander muller

Alex graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems, an interdisciplinary major spanning computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, and more.

Alex was an Admissions Reader for Stanford University, where he evaluated hundreds of applications from the competitive Bay Area.

With a background as a software engineering manager, Alex is especially adept at identifying ways in which computer science and other STEM applicants can differentiate themselves in the admissions process.



Of our 38 students in the class of 2022 were admitted to their top choice


Of 26 students in the class of 2022 who applied to a "top 10" were admitted to 1 or more


Students have utilized our guidance to get into college

CLASS OF 2022 Matriculations

Stanford - 2 

Yale - 1 

Princeton - 2 

University of Chicago - 4 

Duke - 4 

Penn - 2 

Columbia - 2 

Brown - 1 

Washington University in St Louis - 1 

New York University - 2 

Berkeley - 3 

Dartmouth - 1 

Claremont McKenna - 1 

Carnegie Mellon - 3 

Boston College - 1 

University of Southern California - 1

University of Texas at Austin - 1

Emory - 1

University of Michigan - 1 

Vassar - 1

Babson - 1

University of Illinois - 1

Hamilton - 1



“Marcella helped me brainstorm ideas for my essays and gave me thorough and timely feedback, which truly helped me excel as a writer beyond college supplementals. I had access to a vast array of resources that demystified the college admissions process and let me strategize ways to approach essays, the activity list, and additional information sections. She also aided me with staying on track to meet critical deadlines and ensured that I was prepared to submit applications in advance of the deadlines. Marcella's guidance allowed me to present a polished and authentic application to every school, and her support was instrumental in my admissions success.

– Anna, admitted to Duke, class of 2025


For questions, comments, or to schedule a meeting, please email Marcella at

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