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Deferral Strategy Session

Deferral Strategy Session


Deferred by your dream university? With applications up 10, even 15% at some of the nation's most selective universities, it's harder than ever before to be admitted to your dream university. But, it's not impossible, and I'd love to show you how to maximize your chances of admission after you've been deferred.


If purchasing this Deferral Strategy Session, you:

  • Can send Marcella one submitted application in PDF form, downloaded directly from the Common Application, Coalition Application, etc.
  • Can enumerate up to five questions or concerns that you have regarding your application
  • Can schedule a 30 minute strategy call with Marcella to discuss how to maximize your chances of admission after your deferral. We'll work on crafting your brand and showcasing the value you'd bring to a university and value you'd gain from that university's classes and opportunities. We'll work on demonstrating your "fit" (as UChicago called it) for the university, and make it clear to the university that you want them and they want you! 
  • After the call, can send Marcella your first draft of your Letter of Continued Interest (or deferral form, if applicable) , and will receive two detailed revisions


NOTE: does not guarantee admission to any university.


Any additional requests for editing or feedback, or any additional questions asked outside the 5 included in the Deferral Strategy Session will be billed at $700/hr. cannot guarantee that requests for additional services can be met (met only on a case-by-case basis, based on Marcella's availability).

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