You are not meeting your goals

You can't seem to get noticed by your dream clients and those that do find you aren't a good fit at all.


You're overwhelmed working with the students you have, because they pull you in ten different directions.


And despite all the time you spend with students, you aren't happy with how much you earn. You have a million excuses for why you cannot charge more. Maybe you don't have admissions experience. Or you don't work with high flyers willing to pay $$$ for Ivy League acceptances. Or you fear you'll scare away potential clients who don't understand the value of your services.


You're right. You haven't shown potential clients your value. You haven't identified the value that you offer that others do not.

Refine your niche

Missed Marcella's Niching Strategy Session? Loved it and want to review Marcella's materials?




When I started out on my own, I was desperate to work with any family; I even accepted $70 an hour with over 1.5 hours in unpaid travel to one client's house. I lowballed my first package and worked countless hours helping a student who needed a ton of handholding. I don't even WANT to know how little I made working with that family. Talk about undervaluing myself! 

Then, I rebranded my website and built a niche helping students apply to highly selective universities. I raised my rates again and again, reducing the number of students in my roster, yet consistently increasing my take home pay. Now, as a solo practitioner, I work with 25 high flyers in each graduating class, with Senior Packages at $25,000 and an hourly rate of $450. Whatever your goals, whatever your expertise, you can niche your business so that you serve the clients you love at a rate you love—and I want to show you how.




You are a wonderful presenter, Marcella; you have a gift! I have been eager to try to help 'every' student, but now I see the benefits to focusing on what kind of student would be a good match for me. I need to reflect on the kinds of students I want to attract and update my website to attract those types of families.



I am in year 7 and am busting at the seams with prospects and clients. But I do not have former admissions experience, so I feel I cannot charge more than what test prep companies are charging per hour... I feel empowered to increase my rates because I have a strong niche with a certain high school in an affluent community. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge!



Marcella encouraged me to: rethink how I present my niche (women in engineering is my specialty and should be "front and center"), re-evaluate my use of "we" vs "me" (clients want to know and trust *me*), and rethink my pricing. Great talk, timely content, helpful case studies! 


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  1. I'll dive into your website, identifying the ways in which you're attracting the wrong clients and repelling the right ones.

  2. We'll meet to address the struggles of your business and identify the value you uniquely offer potential clients.

  3. I'll provide detailed written feedback on how to niche and price your services.

  4. We'll meet again to implement my feedback to reach your goals.

  5. We'll bank another 30-minute meeting for up to 6 months in the future to ensure you're reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right price.

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Have questions about pricing? How to differentiate yourself in a saturated market? How to niche your business and make your value obvious to your potential clients? How to gain expertise to offer even more value to your clients? How to improve your contracts? How to handle a tricky client?


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