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Waitlist Strategy Session

Waitlist Strategy Session


We understand the disappointment of learning that you've been waitlisted to your dream university, but this doesn't have to mean that your dreams of attending are over! We've helped dozens of students get off of the waitlist at highly selective universities, including Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Northwestern, Duke, Barnard, Rice, Pomona, University of Michigan, Georgetown, Berkeley, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, and others! While we cannot guarantee any student's acceptance (that is ultimately up to the individual universities), we will do our best to help you elevate your chances of admission. 


The Waitlist Strategy Session includes:

  • One 45-minute strategy call via Zoom
  • A comprehensive review of your application to identify strengths to spotlight and weaknesses to overcome
  • A strategy for writing your letter of continued interest or completing the waitlist form (where applicable)
  • Help in selecting a recommender for an additional letter of recommendation (if applicable)
  • Help in identifying exactly how your school counselor can advocate for your admission
  • Help in searching for clubs, classes, programs, and/or professors at that university that you can mention in your letter of continued interest
  • Critical feedback on your major and whether or not you should pivot majors to apply more strategically (with insight into the most and least popular majors at most selective universities)
  • The best person to email at your university, as well as their email address
  • A first and second revision of your letter of continued interest (limited to two universities)


Work with either Marcella (UChicago and Berkeley admissions experience) or Alex (Stanford admissions experience). 


Note: does not guarantee admission to any university.

  • Additional Info

    Acceptances off the waitlist are not guaranteed. I will work with you to help increase your chances of acceptance.

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