Waitlist Strategy Session

Waitlist Strategy Session


Waitlisted to your dream university and need my help to get accepted? Schedule a Waitlist Strategy Session with me! Here's how my class of 2020 Waitlist Strategy Session students fared: 

  • 2 to Stanford
  • 1 to Brown
  • 1 to Dartmouth
  • 3 to Barnard
  • 1 to Rice
  • 1 to Pomona
  • 1 to University of Michigan
  • 1 to Georgetown
  • 1 to Berkeley

In previous years, acceptances also included Princeton, Harvard, MIT, UChicago, Penn, UCLA, Amherst, Swarthmore, Cornell, and more.


I will do everything I can to help you be accepted to your dream university, as well.


This Waitlist Strategy Session includes:

  • 45 minute meeting via Skype, Zoom, phone, FaceTime or Google Hangouts
  • Comprehensive review of your application to identify strengths to play up and weaknesses to address, if applicable
  • Help in selecting a recommender for an additional letter of recommendation
  • Help in brainstorming essay ideas for any optional essays you neglected to initially write (if applicable)
  • Help in searching for clubs, classes, programs and professors at that university that you can mention in your email
  • Critical feedback on your major and whether or not you should pivot majors to apply more strategically (with insight into the most and least popular majors at most selective universities)
  • Suggestions for writing your email to admissions
  • The best person to email at your university, as well as their email address
  • A first and second revision of your letter of continued interest (limited to two universities)


Please note that I am limiting my Waitlist Strategy Sessions to 15 new students, so this is a limited time offer.

  • Additional Info

    Acceptances off the waitlist are not guaranteed. I will work with you to help increase your chances of acceptance.